Fisahel Arabilylth


Hope it's not too boring for you!-_-' lolz!xD

 Fisahel Arabilylth 

(means Tears of Light [Fisahel]


Daughters of the Blade[Arabilylth])

(my name may change in the future but i will still use this as my profile no matter what!:P)

Name: Fisahel Arabilylth  (FISHEY!!!:D)

Height:  5'3" (yeah im tiny! Get over it!>xD)

Age: appears 14 but I'll just tell you this before hand, she's really 62 million years old

Weight: 118 lbs (pure muscle babeh!)

Gender: Female

Species: a bunch of stuff that im not in the mood to type out but ill try saying some!xD Nain, Lirin, Vizard, Merrow, Master of the ელემენტები, Kyropterin, ξεχάσει θεά ,  & Demon 

She does have a mask but doesn’t know it yet ‘cause of the amnesia (amnesia caused by Zues)

She was bitten by a kyropterin while trying to save a little girl named Arietta. She saved Arietta once before from a Semi.

In her Demon form, she is a fox-human... her fur is golden and her skin is tan

Affiliation: Soul Society [hopefully going to be the 5th Division Captain some day!):]

Occupation: Vice Captain of the First Division, soon to be changed again though!xD

Previous occupation(s): bounty hunter!O.o hehe!^-^

I waz the third and fourth seat and the VC all of the first division! I was the

 VC of the 13th and i was the 3rd (?) of the 8th and the 5th of the 9th!>.<

 wow thats a lot!xD 

Fun loving girl who is easily angered, or more like annoyed. She seems to get

amnesia a lot. She hates men with a burning passion and will continue to hate

men for the rest of her life!:) They seem to think they know all the tricks

and every emotion a woman has, but those men havent met me!>:] I'm not

like other women who frolic around guys all day! I'd rather see men dead. I

dont have the same emotions and I'm easily lured into resenting every person I

meet. Wrath is my flaw, and i couldn't be happier!^_^ the point of all that

 was "don't you dare act like you know my life story and my habits when you

 haven't gone through a single thing i have!=.=" I've been through much more

 than a man who's been in all the wars of the human race (if that were

 possible). the experience couldn't have been any worse and I'm still going

through it to this day, and possibly, the rest of my life! Don't compare me to

 any gender or stereotype unless you never want me to talk to you again!:D

 Doing that would be an awesome way to get me to stop talkin to you!:P


 Stats~ currently they are all zero since im not good enough to rp!xD


Fisahel has hair that changes colors with the outfits she wears and hazel eyes, her eyes are always the same color (at least when she's not using a good amount of her aura/spiritual pressure). Her features give her a hard, distinguished look. Fisahel is short and more muscular than most women (she likes fighting and dancing!xD). She has a strong chin and plump lips. Freckles dot the bridge of her nose and she bares the most enticing eyes that churns along with her ever-changing emotions. Fisahel's usual outfit is a black kimono (the dress kind) which starts to flow out at the waist line and only reaches just above her knees unlike the regular kimonos where they go all the way down to the ankle. The kimono is decorated blue and silver thread that makes cherry blossom branches along with the cherry blossoms. The sleeves stop at the elbows to show a mysterious tattoo on her left arm. Scars cover her body from battles she can no longer remember because of her amnesia. She also appears to be a child around the age of fourteen but her scars tell a different story…


Fisahel seems to be a happy, go lucky person at first glance, but really is one fierce female. No one really knows why she is short tempered, not even her! Fisahel thinks that it might be from the past that she can’t remember. She can be blunt, sarcastic, and unimaginably perverted, she cocks a sideways grins a lot but upon feeling mischievous, she gets a crazy look in her eye along with an equally disturbing grin. She says whatever is on her mind even though, most of the time, people really don’t want to know. She’s often hyper and some people might even go as far as to say that she’s annoying. She likes to be forced to do stuff… she luvs it!;]
She is often having conflicts with people who are too serious and pretty much wishes to spend none of her time with women. She will avoid conflict if shes able to trick someone else into doing it for her but, if she gets in the mood, she will go on a killing spree (like with the bugs!:D). Fisahel never forgives anyone for anything, no matter how childish. 
Strangely, Fisahel likes to be teased. She finds it enjoying and loves to do it to others as well. Never serious in any way possible, she doesn’t do formal greetings, she finds them awkward. Fisahel doesn’t take advantage of injured people and if she finds anyone else doing that very thing, they shall die. Fisahel often is thinking in her favorite trees about battle so she can be ready for whatever is coming…


Though she cannot remember her past, she does at least remember bits and pieces. She found Soul Society through one of those very memories. She does have one reoccurring nightmare that seems to be a possible memory… her dream is of a girl with a white mask with black markings. The girl has fangs and two different colored eyes, one red and one blue. Two large swords are in the girl’s hands and they have chains that entwine around her arms all the way to her waist. Long flowing greenish black hair comes bursting out of the girls head and a flow of colors surround her. Claws point on the end of her fingers and huge leathery wings spring out of her back. A purple and black medieval dress is worn by the mysterious girl and at the bottomof the dress is a fin, purple scales glinting in the color that envelopes the girl.

Powers & Abilities

Fisahel is only a little bit stronger than most(i think).  As more memories of what powers she has occurs to her, and after she remembers, all she will have to do is unleash them (a lil control would be nice too!-.-).

Powerful Hand-to-Hand Combatant: She is very good at being agile and shows surprising strength for her size. She often uses her surroundings to help her, if there is any surroundings. She is found using her feet a lot during battles.

Mostly Amateurish Swordsmanship: Fisahel has a Zanpakutō but is not real comfortable with it yet and doesn’t like the fact of having something in her hands. She does her best to only use the basic form of her Zanpakutō, but, if she has no other choice, she will either up the ante or lose the battle on purpose. (more likely just give up and lose!:P shes got better things to do like...making jokes!:O) 

Flashstep: This ability is about all she has. Enables one to go high speeds in a short amount of time. She usually uses this technique to avoid another’s attack or to take an opponent of guard.

Auvreavalsa: means blood of the silken weaver. She extends her left arm and places her right hand on her left arm’s wrist and says "Auvreavalsa". At the instant she says Auvreavalsa, threads of silk come from every direction. She usually uses this to capture her prey. The silk ends up being like a spider web.

Arlyn: means golden ray. Fisahel’s Arlyn is fired from the palm of her hands and the bottom of her feet. Arlyn doesn’t need to be called out to be able to use it. She keeps a distance of about thirty feet on the usual bases but, if only inches apart; she will make contact and use Arlyn, making it deadly. Arlyn is about three feet high and the length is immeasurable, like a ray of the sun, but if she becomes over powered it would be impossible to tell how high Arlyn would reach.

Yanalavain: means “bridge” for the “spirit” between “distant” places. A lot like teleportation, Fisahel is often doing this on accident while she’s sleeping. She finds herself in a different place when she wakes up, often.

Spiritual Power: She has no spiritual pressure. She can barely feel anyone else’s spiritual pressure which causes some confusion. There was one strange occurrence though…



 Tahllas (wild blade): hilt is red with gold, blade is silver. Its name suits it well, being a blade that can morph from sword to axe, axe to bow, bow to daggers, daggers to guns (she never uses the gun though, it ruins the whole purpose of fighting). Has an ability just like Arlyn but it is not like a ray of light(it goes straight one direction), it looks more like a visible wind. This ability is called Kethiat, or fire wind. It’s called Kethiat because wind goes in different directions and can be chaotic and it burns flesh like fire alongside the bright colors.


Koehrae (earth beast): This is Fisahel’s bankai, and is unleashed when called by its name Koehrae. To release her Zanpakutō; she holds it up and aligns it with her left side, making it point west (facing north.) She says Koehrae. A strong blast of wind comes from the east and a bright light so blinding that all must shield their eyes to avoid going blind. The sword glows every color imaginable and beside Fisahel stands a beast, Koehrae. Fisahel's clothes and hair color are different than before. She is wearing clothing more earth like than her kimono. She wears a piece of fabric that bares a resemblance to a tank top, and has what looks like a detached sleeve but only on her left arm. The sleeve has bird feathers coming out of the upper part. She’s wearing a long skirt that parts at the side revealing shorts that are underneath. She has on boots so that she can be ready for any terrain. Her hair is shorter so it doesn’t get in her way of sight.


Fisahel above


Tia-aera is the woman who is the spirit of Fisahel's Zanpaktou. Tia-aera  means magic song. She was a singer and a mage. She could do unbelievable things. Her magic spread to everything known and unknown. A true legacy, she chose to bind her soul to the wild blade and in turn, lives on. Fisahel often asks Tia-aera questions about her past since amnesia has no mercy but Tia-aera tells her that she must find out on her own and at her own pace. If she was to learn to quickly of her past, she might go mad (like she isnt mad already!:P).

Hollow Mask

Fisahel has a hollow within her because she had a moment where she crossed over and died... for a bit. Ya know she doesn't remember this 'cause she has amnesia. Is it sinking in yet?xP Anyways, her hollow mask does not look exactly like the picture. Put a white hollow mask under the mask in the pic and you will have the basic design. With the mask she takes on a whole new personality and calls herself by the name of Firlia, meaning dark mistress. One eye will glow blue while the other red. This is because her hollow has two personalities, one is hostile and won't speak much (red), the other is manipulating, cunning, toys with people, doesn't take the moment seriously and will often joke about things that have nothing to do with what's going on, and has an incredibly high pitched laugh that will send chills up your spine (blue). There is one instance where she can have the two personalities intertwined, which makes her eyes shine a brilliant purple. When she has purple eyes, she is at her highest point of power. Nothing changes when she is hollowfied except her personality of course! (you'll rarely to NEVER see this!:P you're blessed!xD)




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